Are You Slang the Right Legal Agreement?

Hey guys, do you know if legal paper colour matters when signing a contract? Like, I’m totally confused about it. And speaking of contracts, have you ever had to sign an installment agreement contract? It can be pretty tricky, am I right?

Also, I’ve been wondering, are SBRs legal in California? I mean, it’s such a specific thing, but still, good to know, right? And what about online sports betting? Is that even legal?

Oh, and did you hear about the Montana termination laws? It’s wild how different it is in each state. And what exactly is liquid form when it comes to legal stuff?

By the way, if any of you is trying to grow your law firm, I found this cool resource with tips and strategies. And then there’s this legal analyst at Herbert Smith Freehills who seems pretty legit.

Also, I always forget how to spell agreement correctly. It’s like, one of those words that just looks weird no matter how you write it. And have you guys ever looked into the racial profiling laws in California? It’s such an important issue.