Legal Matters Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal talk,
From verbal assault law in Canada to a forum for law students to walk the walk.
If you need some legal aid news, I got your back,
And info on using without prejudice documents in court to stay on track.

Let’s talk about affiliate company means,
And the legal definition that intervenes.
Some countries are out of the Paris Agreement,
But we’ll still fight for the environment, that’s our statement.

Direct democracy laws, what’s that all about?
Get the scoop on direct democracy without a doubt.
And if you need legal aid in the land of Lincoln,
East St. Louis has your back, no need for wincin’.

Is it legal to sell cars on Sunday? Let’s find out,
The legalities are what it’s all about.
And for mergers and acquisitions, we got law firms in the mix,
If you need legal counsel, they’ll give you the fix.